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The · Odd · Volume

Used Books and Life

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It's been a while.

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I'd forgotten I wrote this. This was the first snippet that I came up with for 'The Odd Volume'.


The bell over the door rang once and then again when the door slammed shut. London didn't look up from his book.

"I come bearing lunch." James grinned and dropped a paper sack on London's open book.

"If this is fast food..."

"You think I enjoy listening to you whine about bio-engineered food? Yeah right. It's a disgusting tofu thing from that deli you like. Where's Frankie?"

London shrugged and snapped his book closed. "Probably stuck in traffic."

James nodded and pulled a sandwich out of the other bag he was holding. Mmmm roast beef. Glancing up, he made sure London's eyes were on him before taking a big bite.

"That is so disgusting," London said.

James was about to reply when the bell rang again. Annabelle -- Franklin to her friends -- stomped into the bookstore. She crossed the room and threw herself moodily into a chair. London and James traded looks.

"Jesus Christ, I hate rush hour traffic. Parking around here sucks, London."

"Oh, because that's my fault?" He sneered.

James tossed Franklin her lunch before they could get into it. Bitches, the both of them. "Sandwich."

She sighed and opened the bag. James grinned. His work here was done. Peace and harmony through deli food.
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Character sketching

Art for spes

... Plus the fics found here at Odd Volume. I vaguely remember her having written one or two other little ficlets, but it could be just my brain being silly.


*drives off on scooter*
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I wrote this a while ago but I always forget to post...

James is sucha whinerCollapse )

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Cleaned up a bit for your viewing pleasure.

Man, London's dumb sometimes.Collapse )

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I christen thee a fictional universe community! Huzzah huzzah huzzah!
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