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The · Odd · Volume

In which new friendships are made. EPIC friendships.

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Also, James whines a bit. I think that's becoming a habit.

James was well and truly bored. Not only was he bored, his gameboy had run out of batteries and he was stuck being bored until London got off work.


"I have no sympathy for you, James. None. I told you there was nothing for you to do here."

"My gameboy died."

"This is me not caring," London replied. "As a matter of fact, I didn't care the first time you said it and I suspect hours from now when you have completely wasted my patience I will still. not. care."

James pouted from his chair. London had his big pink head tucked behind some big boring book. Really, James thought most of the books were boring. He'd yet to convince Mr. Franklin of the merits of comics.

"I'm hungry."

"Shut up."

"And thirsty."

"Shut UP."

"And really, really, really, really bored."

"SHUT UP, James. You're perfectly capable of finding something to do if you'd just stop complaining about it."

James stuck his tongue out. London was such a killjoy.

He turned himself upside-down in the recliner and hung his feet over the top of it. London was so amusing to watch when he was reading or really focused on something. His tongue stuck out, just a little, and he'd fiddle with his earrings or flip his lip ring from side to side. James suspected that if London had longer hair, he'd twirl it around his fingers.

"Hey, London."

"What is it, James?" London asked without looking up from his book. That was his 'you get one more warning voice'. James knew it well.

"I was thinking I'd get a sandwich, d'you want one?"

London sighed. It was impossible to stay mad at James. "Bagel and cream cheese."

"Yeah, I know. I'll be back in a few."

Fortunately, the only deli that London would let him buy food from was only a few blocks away. The lunch rush had long since passed and the only other person in the deli was a redheaded girl in hiking boots.

James tapped his nails impatiently on the counter as his food was made up. The redhead glared at him. He offered a weak smile.

"Sorry, I get fidgety when I'm bored. Hey! You're that new girl at Bayview aren't you?"


James frowned. She was even tougher to crack than London. "Nothing, I just thought I recognized you. My name is James."


He wasn't even going to touch that. "I heard you were living in the Amazon basin before moving here. Must be a bit of culture shock."

"I'm used to it," she said reluctantly. "My mom does anthropological work with a lot of indigenous tribes."

"Whoa, sweet. My mom is on the PTA but I don't think that's quite the same."

Franklin snorted. "Some of those women are pretty frightening."

"No kidding! Especially when they all get riled up. Those are the days I make excuses to be out of the house. Hey Lola! Extra of that disgusting ew, ew, icky no milk cream cheese, would you? My boy is in a fine mood today."

"I bet you had nothing to do with that, eh James?" Lola called back.

"I would never!" James protested.

Franklin raised an eyebrow. "Your boy?" She asked.

He laughed. "My best friend. Lola and I have a long running joke about me claiming him. You know, 'this one's mine' kind of thing."

"I guess you've been friends for a while."

"Man, since I was five or so. Hey, thanks Lo."

James snatched up the plain paper sack that held his and London's lunch. He held the door open for Franklin and gestured her out in front of him.

"Which way are you headed?" James asked.

She gestured up the street towards The Odd Volume. "My dad runs a shop up there."

"Cool, I'll walk with you," he said with a grin. "So, what made you decide to give up life as a nomad? Not enough extracurriculars in the jungle?"

She laughed. "Something like that. I just wanted to have a full year or two in the same place."

"And a chance to be prom queen, right?"

She socked him on the shoulder.

"Ow, hey. Kidding."

"You wimp."

"And proud of it!" He exclaimed. "Well, this is where I get off. It was nice talking to you."

Frankin gave him an odd look. "You work in the bookstore?"

"Nah, my best friend London does."

A look of comprehension stole over her features. "London and James."

"That's us." He furrowed his eyebrows. "I can't believe we're that famous though."

The bell above the door rang as he opened it. London looked up and flipped his book shut as he saw who it was.

"James, Franklin."

"I have food! And how do you know Franklin? She just moved here."

"James, I know there is a brain in that thick skull of yours. What's my boss's name?"

"You mean Mr. Fra-- Oh. Heh. I'm having a slow day. So Franklin is your last name."

"Call me by anything else and I'll gut you," she said.

"What about Frankie? Can I call you Frankie?"

London rolled his eyes. "What are you, four? Now give me my lunch."

"Aw come on, it's the beginning of an epic friendship. No, seriously. Guys. Hey, I don't like that look you're giving me London."

"James. Shut up and eat."

"Nazi." James pouted. "Epic friendship I tell you."

In stereo, London and Frankie yelled, "Shut UP, James."
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